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a text book romance, starting in the month of june. [entries|friends|calendar]

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It's been a long, long time, since we all got together now [09 Nov 2008|05:27pm]
This week has been the most epic week of my life! I can't explain how it felt to see Obama elected, and speak, and be sorrounded by crying people from ever age group, race, sex, everything. I have never felt anything like it. Knowing that I helped achieve it, that I did everything I could, that everyone around me probably helped in one way or another. Nothing has ever felt so good.

I remember walking back, and there were two Mexican men behind me- one was probably around 25 and the other was probably around 40? Maybe his dad? Older brother? Anyways, the younger one just kept yelling how Obama was here for THEM. That he meant it when he said he was going to help, and that he had never felt so much faith in one man. After that, he said that he had to make sure to get his citizenship so he could vote to keep him in for another four years.

At the moment I thought it was just kind of funny, but on my way home I recognized how huge that was. For an immigrant who clearly didn't vote, which led me to the question of how the hell he got a ticket to Grant Park... but he had never felt happy or uplifted about a candidate. It seemed to me like for the first time he saw in America what he had been told he was going to see. I can't explain it. I was so happy.

I also saw Michael Franti last night. And was for the second time this week sorrounded by people who were caught up in the emotion of real change and progress for the first time. Franti started talking about the next song he was going to play and he said he wrote it for a really close friend of his who had died 13 years ago. I wish I could remember the lyrics, but it started out saying how it had been so long since we had all been together. And then he just starting yelling BARACK OBAMA. and the entire theatre was jumping and screaming Obama, and YES WE CAN and YES WE DID.

I feel proud. and I am so happy I was in Chicago to be able to be a part of such a huge moment in history.
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yeah, livejournal. [31 Jul 2006|02:22pm]
alright, I'm now using this space to work on my college essay... Feel free to take me off your friends list if it takes up too much space. Also, feel free to make any suggestions if anyone actually reads this.

the pieces of itCollapse )
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in over my head [02 Feb 2006|06:46am]
I saw OAR last night!
it was amazing. I got my ass kicked... I don't know why people crowd surf and shit at OAR concerts. PLEASE. me and jos got kicked a lot. and many people were SO WASTED they couldn't get to the back, and so they just sort of fell everywhere. COOL GUYS.

actually, yesterday was the worst day ever.

I cried 3 times in school about picking my classes. my precalc teacher didn't want to sign me into AP calc, so I cried. my spanish teacher said if I don't take spanish 5 it could be a deciding factor in a college acceptance, annnndddd BLAH.

I feel like I won't go to a good college or get a good job or ever make money.

anyways, next year's sched will look like this:

AP Psych
AP European
Spanish 5
Classics in Translation
Public Speaking
Film Study
Advanced Writing
Photo II

so my senior year won't be so easy then.
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: ( [29 Nov 2005|09:31pm]
tonsils out tomorrow. scared as hell.
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bah. [26 Nov 2005|10:31am]
dooo it.

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