aaange! (neonbuzzz) wrote,

in over my head

I saw OAR last night!
it was amazing. I got my ass kicked... I don't know why people crowd surf and shit at OAR concerts. PLEASE. me and jos got kicked a lot. and many people were SO WASTED they couldn't get to the back, and so they just sort of fell everywhere. COOL GUYS.

actually, yesterday was the worst day ever.

I cried 3 times in school about picking my classes. my precalc teacher didn't want to sign me into AP calc, so I cried. my spanish teacher said if I don't take spanish 5 it could be a deciding factor in a college acceptance, annnndddd BLAH.

I feel like I won't go to a good college or get a good job or ever make money.

anyways, next year's sched will look like this:

AP Psych
AP European
Spanish 5
Classics in Translation
Public Speaking
Film Study
Advanced Writing
Photo II

so my senior year won't be so easy then.
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